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The end of tolerance

Autor: admin - Piatok, 02.12. 2011 - 16:06:03

The end of tolerance
A letter by Hans Wiblishauser published in the Dobermann Verein magazine

The end of tolerance is reached - it is time to examine the breeding practice of some breeders. New punitive measures regarding breeding malpractice should not come as a surprise.
The Dobermann Verein e.V, is an association of Doberman breed widely known. The International Dobermann Club (IDC) is an association, composed of National Doberman Clubs, who have decided to obey common rules and control imposed by IDC and we regard dobermann breeding mainly as as a hobby, a sport. Breeding purebred dogs means, above all, taking responsibility. IDC's breeding guidelines make us take big responsibility for the breeding. These breeding guidelines are founded on the experience and goals of the association's members, especially on breeders, who must be willing, as it should be, to be submitted to the rules of national Doberman clubs and to take real responsibility in the choice of their breeding dogs, responsibility in the choice of the mating partners used for their dogs and responsibility for the education and training of their dogs.
Quite the opposite happens when the breeding, for some people, becomes a partial or even the primary means to earn a living- than breeding becomes a business, dogs are in danger of becoming 'a product' and the normal pressure to be successful breeder becomes increased by economic aspect. Breeders in such situations find it necessary to produce more and more dogs in a short time, to be able to earn even more and more money. In order to achieve this, some breeders loose their sense of responsibility and they use every means to reach their goal. Such breeders often go so far that they are not hesitant to falsify the documents, to break some, or even all, the breeding rules imposed by DV, by various National Doberman clubs and by IDC. Damage caused by this behaviors has a very negative impact on the owners of their puppies and on the serious breeders among them, but also on all associations that protect dobermann breed in the world. Not to mention the long term damage in selection and breeding. DV, IDC and national clubs will act very seriously upon the offending breeding malpractice, investigation of suspicious behavior will be conducted - correctness, seriousness and sportive honor of breeding shall be maintained. Of course, it will take some time time to reach these imperatives, mainly because it will take time to research the evidence in each individual cases. I assure you, however, that deception and manipulations in the breeding will lead to prohibition of breeding and showing, and to the exclusion from the IDC of those member countries, found to be compliant with illegal conduct. Confirmed cases will face very heavy penalties . In the next months we will invest all our energy and our resources, including financial resources, to achieve resolution of this problem. I find positive the initiative of several internet portals, which give the opportunity for dog owners to disclose details about their dogs, for example, to list dogs affected by DCM. After a short it became clear that the majority of effected cases involve dogs bred outside the controlled breeding. Dogs coming from breeders recognized by the DV and by several nation members of IDC are controlled in this way, of course, we can have control only of the dogs from the breeders recognized by us. The control of recently introduced DNA test is another step in reaching our decision that we have reached the end of tolerance. We are asking all friends of the dobermann to report suspicious breeding practice, not only on the internet sites, but also directly to the DV, so we can take appropriate actions. We must prevent damage and promote the health and controlled breeding of our beautiful dobermann, as well as to act in interest of the serious breeders who might be affected by malpractice. In regard to this, we continue to work hard, all together, for a controlled breeding of the dobermann.
President of IDC,
Hans Wiblishauser
I would like to express agreement with this letter of the IDC's president Hans Wiblishauser that was published in the Dobermann Verein magazine, and to announce the endorsement of the principles contained in it and the measures called for by all the governing bodies of AIAD and the Italian Dobermann breeding. The letter is the result of specific initiative, advocated by the Dobermann Verein and AIAD, consistent and sanctioned by deliberate actions by the Presidium IDC in his last meeting. The same will, initiatives and actions were reviewed and accepted in Italian dobermann breeding, and they have been made coherent by the National Council AIAD, who also approved a concrete implementation plan at its meeting on 26th of November 2011. This same program will be brought to the attention of club members in the upcoming days. I should note, however, that consistent with the principles of reliability and fairness of the selection of the Doberman breed, in recent months the AIAD has already requested and obtained from ENCI important measures to protect the genetic damage that the use of some studs could cause for the Italian Dobermann. I am at disposal to all members and Italian Doberman breeders to give clarification and to receive advice regarding this initiative.
Viva il Dobermann,
Pierlugi Pezzano,
President of AIAD

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